Personal injury lawyer, New Hampshire offers advice to dog bite victims

January 30, Portsmouth  NH—The law offices of Justin Caramagno P.A., personal injury lawyer, NH ( offers the following advice to victims of dog bite injuries.

There are about 850,000 dog bites every year in the U.S. New Hampshire has a dog bite statute that is more favorable to victims than in many other states. The law makes any dog owner strictly liable for any harm caused by the dog. That means the owner is held liable whether or not he or she knew the dog was dangerous. It also means the victim doesn’t have to prove that the owner did anything wrong.  What must be proven is that that the person was attacked or injured by a dog; that the defendant is actually the owner or custodian of the dog;  and that the victim didn’t provoke the animal and was acting peaceably. If those criteria are met, then it’s time to contact a personal injury lawyer, NH to make sure your rights are protected. It doesn’t even have to be a dog bite. If the dog causes you to fall off a bike or runaway and fall, the owner is still strictly liable.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a dog bite or dog related injury in New Hampshire contact the personal injury law firm of Justin C. Caramagno. We have the expertise and successful track record to handle your case.

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