Effects of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Claims in Portsmouth New Hampshire

COVID-19 has had an effect on New Hampshire courts by forcing closures and delaying some cases.  However, The Law Offices of Justin Caramagno are still open and moving cases into the court system.

Should You Seek Legal Counsel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you have been hurt, injured or maimed, you should not delay your personal injury claim. Although COVID-19 has forced many courts to stop in person appearances, the courts are still active and because of lower caseloads there is a chance we can actually get your case moved along faster because of COVID-19. The deadlines on when to file your case in New Hampshire still remain in place. You could lose your right to take legal action and recover compensation if you wait.

COVID-19 & Personal Injury Claims in NHDuring tough financial times, some people avoid retaining lawyers. This can be a serious mistake. At The Law Offices of Justin Caramagno we expect the insurance companies to fight your claims harder than before the Coronavirus outbreak. However, they are more likely to lowball your claims. At times like this, hiring a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer can be more important than ever. Unlike divorce or tax attorneys, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t ask for a retainer fee upfront. We only get paid if we win a settlement or a verdict for you down the line.

Key Questions on Whether Coronavirus Will Affect Your Claim

  1. Will the Insurance Company Settle My Claim During Coronavirus?
    Yes. However, you should be aware that the insurance company will be looking at its bottom line. Some insurers try to lowball claimants who don’t fight for their rights. We believe the insurers may become even tougher to deal with. They may drag their offers down further and seek to settle auto accident claims as quickly as possible before you can obtain legal representation.
  1. Am I allowed to File an Accident Claim During a Stay-at-Home Order?
    Yes, the insurance companies are remaining open for business and should process your claim in their normal manner.
  1. Will Covid-19 low my Settlement Check?
    The settlement process could be delayed because the insurance companies are operating with fewer people in their offices. They have many people working from home, and this creates some issues with delays.
  1. Will My Injury Lawyer Continue to Work on my Case?
    The Law Offices of Justin Caramagno will continue to work on demands, issue letters, and research your case as before the outbreak.

Why Insurance Companies May Be Harder to Deal with During the Coronavirus

“In times like these with the stock market down so dramatically and the economy reeling, they begin to take a very hard line on where they spend their cash. They no longer have the cushion of their investments and quickly being to lose money. This leaves few options for the insurers. They can raise insurance rates, or they can reduce what they pay toward their existing and future claims.

“This means the insurers tighten down the hatches on claims that they must pay as they struggle to maintain profitability. We can expect insurance companies to become much more aggressive in their attempts to settle out at the lowest dollar possible and as quickly as they can.  The good news is that the insurance companies don’t dictate the terms. A tough personal injury lawyer like The Law Offices of Justin Caramagno will challenge a low insurance company offer.