6 Secrets to Personal Injury Lawyers

1. No Fee Guarantee.Personal Injury Law

Many firms make a big deal of this claim. All Personal Injury Law Firms have the “No Fee Guarantee”. It is a standard in the personal injury industry and it is how personal injury lawyers collect their fees. They win some and they loose some which is why the fee may appear high on a percentage basis.

2. Small law firms don’t have cash.

Small law firms don’t have the available cash for “Up-front Fees” such as court costs, and investigators. This simply is not the case. Well run, personal Injury law firms like Justin C. Caramagno have the cash and capital to pay these fees in advance.

3. Personal injury law firms refer case out to other lawyers.

Many personal injury law firms will refer your case out to other lawyers who specialize in the area of practice that fits your case, and take a commission for doing nothing and not performing any work. At Justin Caramagno, we do the work in-house forming a relationship with the client and fighting on your behalf.

4. We don’t outsource.

As a local personal injury law firm, we handle each case with a real person and the attorney that will work on your case. We don’t outsource your case like many firms do.

5. We are Native New Englanders.

We are Native New Englanders and our community and people matter. We take each case on with pride as if it is our own family member.

6. Larger Settlement Claims.

Lots of personal injury lawyers make claims they will fight for you and yield a larger settlement. The reality is settlements are based upon what can be proven and not emotional commentary by your lawyer.