5 Criteria for Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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Usually at a time of great personal loss, you are also confronted with how to deal that loss and the reasons for that loss. Often in the case of a workplace accident, there is an underlying cause that could have been prevented had the right safeguards been put in place. But, how to you choose an attorney that will be compassionate, dedicated to your case and understand the complexities of your individual situation? Below are 5 qualities to look for in seeking out a personal injury attorney in New Hampshire.

What are the qualities I should look for in a personal injury lawyer?

1. Friends and Family.

If you know people in the legal community, they will often have recommendations on lawyers that they have worked with and trust. They have seen their work on various cases in the courtroom, worked with them in legal associations and seen the result of their cases both positive and negative. Personal references can often be a great, if not the best source to matching you with a personal injury attorney that can help you with your individual case.

2. Attorney’s that Care.

It is often for good reason that the legal profession has a reputation for the heartless and profitable pursuit of Justice. It only takes a few lawyers who seek our profit over professionalism to give an entire industry a bad name. There are good and caring personal injury attorneys that view law as a helping profession and not merely as a business. Many of the outstanding personal injury lawyers in New Hampshire are motivated by the opportunity to solve problems for injured people and their families. Good lawyers will do what is best for their injured clients and their families. Often this means working very long hours and taking a case to trial, and if necessary, to an appellate court. Some cases simply cannot reasonably be settled for an amount that is fair to the injured person.

3. Peer Reviewed.

The best personal injury lawyers have earned the respect of their peers in their profession. These lawyers who have been identified as the top of their profession by local civic groups and legal associations. Lawyers who spend large amounts of money on TV and other marketing venues are often good at mass marketing and class action lawsuits but not necessarily fighting for the justice needed in smaller personal injury cases.

4. Courtroom Experience.

An old attorney once told me. “In a court room there is one attorney on each side and a judge. At the most critical moment of your case, it doesn’t matter how large your law firm is, it matters about the quality of the argument, the evidence presented and the conviction of your lawyer” You should choose a lawyer with extensive experience in the courtroom. The lawyers with the experience, knowledge and talent to present your case to a jury are also the lawyers who are in the best position to settle your case without the need for a jury verdict. Many of the lawyers who spend a large amount of money marketing on TV often have no time in the courtroom. Insurance companies and the lawyers who defend insurance companies, not surprisingly, know the lawyers who always settle their cases. They also know who will do whatever work is necessary to achieve a just result for those injured because of negligence which may mean going to court. In the end, an worthy legal adversary will always get the best result.

5. A Guide for all things Personal Injury.

When you are confronted with a personal injury, it is never planned and always has consequences beyond the accident itself. Any personal injury or workplace injury will result in lost income, unforeseen medical bills, loss of identity, health insurance bills, and claims from insurance adjusters. All can be overwhelming which is why you need a personal injury attorney in New Hampshire that can answer not only the legal questions but those surrounding the accident itself. Far too often larger impersonal firms let clients fend for themselves on the issues that often plague them the most. At the Law Offices of Justin C. Caramagno, we can help guide you through these important issues along with carefully guiding your case through to fruition.